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Client Feedback

My confidence has completely improved with this course! I understand and can hear the difference between my ‘old’ sounds and my ‘new’ sounds. Now I am able to pronounce my new sounds without hesitation!

Native Language: Spanish
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January 2018

Accent a New Year, Accent a New You!

Accent reduction helps you harness the power of verbal communication.

It’s a New Year, a new YOU! Consider Accent Reduction Training when setting your New Year goals. Even little changes in how you speak can make a BIG difference to your message. To quote a…
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August 2017

Accent Reduction & Work!

        When your English is good, but don’t feel confident contributing ideas! AccentRedux Pro can help you overcome communication challenges at work. When you encounter issues such as: having to repeat yourself…
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February 2017

Becoming a Powerful Communicator!

Being a Powerful Communicator “How you communicate represents who you are to others and informs what you think about yourself,” says Cynthia Kane, author of How to Communicate Like a Buddhist. Ineffective and inefficient communication is…
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