Do Accents Affect Employability?

In an issue (Volume 43, Issue 2, pages 70–83, June 2006) of the Journal of Employment Counseling, an article was written about the impact that accents or dialects have on an individual’s employability. This study, conducted by Holly K. Carlson & Monica A. McHenry, was designed to determine how ethnicity, the amount of perceived accent or dialect, and comprehensibility affected a speaker’s employability. Human Resource specialists judged the speakers’ accent or dialect. The results indicated that when the speaker’s accent or dialect was minimal, employability was not affected. However, when speakers whose accent or dialect was maximally difficult to perceive, the speakers were given a lower employability rating and accent modification/accent reduction was suggested to improve their prospective employability.

It’s frustrating to not be understood! Taking action to improve communication skills is a positive step with positive outcomes. Both employers and employees benefit when communication is improved. Changing one’s pronunciation results in better communication and relationships between customers, colleagues, and teams! There is a positive benefit to everyone when communication occurs with clarity and confidence.

Seeking accent modification instruction is an indication that an individual is motivated, willing to accept the challenge of self- improvement and takes the initiative to advance Accent reduction helps you harness the power of verbal communication.their careers. Employers respect and recognize that initiative and often subsidize a course of instruction.

AccentRedux Pro offers individualized, professional instruction tailored to address each client’s unique challenges and meet their professional goals. Providing private coaching and training in-person makes a tremendous difference in a client’s improvement vs. receiving instruction in a large group setting, such as a university course, or listening to a CD purchased off the internet, which provides minimal, if any, feedback.

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