Accent reduction helps you harness the power of verbal communication.

Accent a New Year, Accent a New You!

It’s a New Year, a new YOU!

Consider Accent Reduction Training when setting your New Year goals. Even little changes in how you speak can make a BIG difference to your message.

To quote a speech coach, Brian Loxley, who has a doctorate in speech from Southern Illinois University, speaking English correctly allows “people to look at you like you’re a leader and your ideas count.”

When you are having trouble making yourself understood, that difficulty could stand between you and your next promotion, making a career change or making a sale. An accent that interferes with your ability to communicate with clarity can be a barrier to your career and relationships.

Regardless of your level of education and amount of experience, when you are having trouble making yourself understood, others may not give you the credibility that you deserve. Learn how to speak consciously, concisely, and clearly by enrolling in accent reduction classes that will educate you in the differences between your native language and American English, work with you to improve your pronunciation and inspire confidence in your abilities.

No longer will you be asked to repeat yourself, have others misinterpret your message or have your career opportunities be limited. Contact AccentReduxPro at for more information. We’re here to help you!

AccentReduxPro: it’s you. clearly!