Accent Reduction/US English Language Training: FAQ

Learn more about accent reduction (for US English or Standard American English), the benefits and the cost, and how to get started.

What is accent reduction?

Your accent is a result of speech sounds and patterns from your native language or dialect being carried over into your spoken English. Accent reduction is learning to modify and reduce any foreign or regional accent to help you communicate more clearly and be more easily understood. Also referred to as accent modification, our Compton P-ESL Accent Reduction Program helps you have the ability to speak with confidence in every situation.

What are the benefits of reducing my accent?

Reducing a foreign or regional accent can have many lasting benefits, including:

  • Improved Self-Confidence
  • More Effective Communication
  • Increased Confidence from Your Employer Regarding Your Abilities
  • Career Advancement
  • Improved Oral Presentation Skills
  • Increased Business Contracts
  • Greater Success with Studies
  • More Fun Socializing with Co-workers and Friends

Happy Accent Reduction Client DC

Is accent reduction right for me?

If you’re concerned your accent may be holding you back socially or in your career, yes.

And while there is no one language background or group that benefits more often than others, our ‘typical’ clients might be:

  • Professionals
  • Employees wishing to advance in their career
  • Those preparing for interviews
  • International students who are currently attendiing or will be studying at colleges and universities in the USA

Regardless of your cultural background, level of education or industry, accent reduction can help improve your ability to communicate effectively in your personal and/or professional life,

Take our fast, FREE screening right now to find out how accent reduction training can help.

What are the steps to reducing my accent?

  1. Initial Evaluation: You record yourself online reading sample text using your computer’s microphone.
  2. Review: We listen to your recording, analyze your speech and speech patterns, and evaluate how effective accent reduction may be for you.
  3. Consultation: We’ll contact you to share your results and potential training options.
  4. Training: We’ll schedule convenient one-hour sessions (online or in person) to reduce your accent and maximize your confidence!

What is the “online accent evaluation” or assessment?

The online evaluation allows us to analyze to your recorded speech and provide you with a full assessment of your accent and speaking patterns. Your assessment includes expert analysis of:

  • Your pronunciation of sounds, words and sentences in conversational speech and reading
  • Other aspects of speech, such as your rate, rhythm, intonation and word stress

For your convenience, the evaluation is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once we’ve evaluated your recording, your report will be emailed to you. This report is also the foundation for developing a customized accent reduction program to meet your specific needs, including your personal and professional goals. Ready to start? 

Do I need to be in Atlanta to take accent reduction classes?

AccentRedux Pro is located in metro Atlanta, GA (Cobb County, if you’re in or familiar with Atlanta), and some clients do prefer ‘in person’ training.

However you can receive personalized, highly-effective accent reduction training regardless of your location. AccentRedux Pro can be your accent coach in person or online, using web-based video conferencing software, such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime.

AccentRedux Pro offers one-hour sessions and flexible options that will meet your needs!

What are the benefits of online accent reduction classes?

  • Flexibility and convenience!
  • Learn at your workplace, in your home or while you are traveling
  • Travel time and travel costs are eliminated
  • Optimal use of time

What should I expect from my accent reduction training?

Our accent reduction course include:

  • A program customized-designed for your exact needs
  • Individual, one-on-one sessions
    • Sessions are typically about an hour a week, and can last four to 12 weeks, depending on your goals and specific challenges
  • Study materials including some or all:
    • Workbook
    • Audio CDs for additional practice
    • Lifetime subscription for Online Practice Program
  • Practice assignments & Handouts—if you practice, you WILL improve!
  • The Compton P-ESL Program—This is a proven process of guided instruction and practice. Thirty years of research has proven that clients who take the classes, apply the newly learned strategies and complete their homework assignments demonstrate remarkable improvement.
  • Personalized recordings emailed to you with the correct pronunciation of specific words and phrases
  • An end-of-course report including an assessment of your improvement and recommendations

How much will my accent reduction lessons cost?

Because the program is designed specifically for each person, the cost varies according to your needs. Every person is unique, and ‘one size fits all’ solutions cannot offer the personal guidance or level of success of individual instruction.

When you consider the many lasting benefits of accent reduction, you and your employer quickly view accent reduction as an investment in future success.