Accent Reduction: Linking communication & success!

Linking clear communication to corporate and professional success!

Accent reduction training provides the tools to successfully communicate with others. It can open new doors, remove the barriers to career advancement and benefits both employees AND employers!

The goal of accent training is not to erase an accent, but to help an individual speak more clearly and be easily understood. Accent reduction teaches a person how to communicate in all situations, such as meeting face-to-face, speaking on the phone or participating in group discussions.

Benefits of accent reduction:

  • Decreases miscommunication and misinformation!
  • Enhances opportunities for personal and professional growth!
  • Allows effective fulfillment of job responsibilities!
  • Reduces stereotypes!
  • The listener will pay more attention to the message than to the speaker’s accent!
  • Reduces embarrassment and builds confidence!
  • Increased revenue as a result of Improved productivity and faster and more efficient client/customer transactions!

AccentRedux Pro, LLC  bases instruction and coaching on the Compton P-ESL method which provides scientifically measurable results. It is a method that is based on international standards, is research based and provides guided, customized training. Personalized instruction is delivered by nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologists with significant experience. Positive return on professional and personal investment with measurable results!