Accent Reduction Benefits

Be Easily Understood and Increase Your Confidence

Regardless of your native language or what country you’re originally from, a noticeable accent or even a regional dialect can make it harder for others to understand you clearly, possibly holding you back from promotions, success at work or being hired. And it can be frustrating for you—and others—if they often ask you to repeat yourself. To clearly speak US English, also referred to as “Standard English,” personalized accent reduction training helps minimize any unwanted accent or dialect.

There are many benefits to successful accent reduction; most can make a lasting, tremendously positive impact in everyday life.

Be More Easily Understood

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If English wasn’t your first language, you may carry with you the speech sounds, inflections and even rhythm of your native language. And even if you understand English perfectly, a strong accent may prevent others from easily understanding you. To make it easier for others to understand you—the first time—a personal accent reduction coach can carefully analyze your current speech and identify the areas that will have the greatest effect, and tailor a program specifically for your needs. Within a few short weeks, you’ll find that others can understand you much easier. Less having to repeat yourself. Less frustration. More you.

Improved Self-Confidence

Whenever you feel that a communication barrier exists due to your dialect or accent, you can quickly become self-conscious. And being concerned that others won’t understand what you want to say can make you reluctant to speak up, even when what you have to say is important. But this ‘communication barrier’ need not exist for long! As you progress with your personalized accent reduction training, you’ll notice something: other people are noticing the change, too. As your ability to communicate more effectively increases—and it will—so will your self-confidence!

More Effective Communication

Frequently being asked to repeat what you’ve just said can quickly disrupt the normal ‘flow’ of a conversation, and misunderstandings can be frustrating—or worse. These experiences are common when the influences of our native language or regional dialect influence the ‘delivery’ of English. Without help, these simply don’t get better. With the help of a trained professional, they do! We thoroughly assess your speech and pinpoint the exact areas that need improvement, and work with you so you will be readily understood each and every time you speak.

Increased Confidence from Your Employer

Your employer knows you’re good at your job, or they wouldn’t have hired you. Yet they also know if verbal communication is sometimes an issue. So, if speaking English clearly and understandably is an occasional barrier at work, now is the time to take action. All employers appreciate those who seek continuous improvement, especially when it improves productivity and communication. With AccentRedux Pro as your ‘accent mentor’ you’re sure to see a noticeable improvement at work. Many employers will pay for some or all of your accent reduction course.

Career Advancement

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever whether you’re job hunting or simply looking to advance in your current employment. All other factors being equal, the better spoken you are, the more likely you are to land that big job or be the one chosen for promotion. You’ve got the skills for the position you really want—don’t let a dialect or accent hold you back!

Improved Oral Presentation Skills

Sooner or later each of us will make some type of “oral presentation,” whether it’s a regular part of our job, a local meeting or even just with a large group of friends. Many people who speak with an accent, apprehensive that listeners won’t clearly understand them, find these times extremely nerve-racking. You can help avoid this entirely if you are prepared. With the right coach, you’ll learn to identify and improve any areas of your speaking that others find difficult to understand. Then when the time comes, and it will, you’ll speak with confidence and clarity.

Greater Success with Studies

Successful verbal interaction is required to fully achieve your educational goals, especially at the postsecondary level. If you’re working on your masters or doctorate, you realize the value of this skill. You must master not only the courses, but the verbal communication as well, and there’s no better place for this part of your education than AccentRedux Pro! We are committed to helping you achieve all of your educational aspirations—and the resulting success.

More Fun Socializing with Co-workers and Friends

Life’s not all work and no play! Everyone likes to (and needs to) relax with friends and co-workers at times. And when the times turn to fun, keep it that way by speaking in a way that’s easily understood by everyone. A ‘strong’ accent can keep you on the sidelines just when the conversation gets entertaining. A little work with the right verbal coach can give you much more confidence in social situations. Stay in the game!