Accent Reduction & Work!

Better Workplace Communication - Corporate/Company Accent Reduction





When your English is good, but don’t feel confident contributing ideas!

AccentRedux Pro can help you overcome communication challenges at work. When you encounter issues such as:

  • having to repeat yourself
  • not being promoted because of your accent
  • working by yourself because others have difficulty understanding you
  • using email because no one can understand you when talking on the phone
  • people thinking you’re not intelligent when you talk, so you don’t contribute to discussions

A major focus of AccentRedux Pro’s services includes incorporating career specific activities. Each client’s program is individualized to address specific professional challenges in order to achieve their goals.

Communication isn’t just speaking! ALL aspects of communication are addressed, including:

  • speech sound production training
  • other aspects of talking, i.e., rate, intonation & inflection
  • non-verbal communication, i.e. body language, incorporating more expression when talking

A customized client’s program can include improving:

  • pronunciation of work specific vocabulary
  • phone skills
  • meeting preparation, i.e., speaking, body language
  • public speaking skills for presentations
  • interview performance
  • explaining charts/graphs
  • giving clear directions/explanations
  • crucial conversations (asking for promotion, giving advice, discussing problems with peers)
  • difficult conversations (disciplining or firing)

Communication breakdowns can affect productivity among employees as well as customer relationships. Contact AccentRedux Pro for more information!