Becoming a Powerful Communicator!

Being a Powerful Communicator

“How you communicate represents who you are to others and informs what you think about yourself,” says Cynthia Kane, author of How to Communicate Like a Buddhist.

Ineffective and inefficient communication is frustrating for all. Learning how to communicate effectively can be done and you have the power to do so! It takes practice, a mindfulness of what is working and what is not working. With the tools and knowledge gained in your accent reduction classes, you become more confident and others will take notice. You’ve learned how to speak consciously, concisely, and clearly.

Often misunderstood, but an important and powerful aspect of communication is the power of silence, also known as pausing. Pauses are very effective in conversations. Pausing allows time and space for the other person to process your message and grants them the opportunity to ask for further clarification. Silence can also be a way to be respectful of the listener, making sure they understand your message. It shows your listener that you want them actively engaged in your conversation.

Using the new skills & tools you gain by taking part in an accent reduction class will make you a more effective and powerful communicator. Listeners better understand what you’re saying and team work, respect and productivity are improved! In a short period of time, you can make a tremendous difference in your life. You can improve, others will notice and your confidence will definitely be increased.

In your accent reduction classes, you’ll learn the differences between your native language and American English pronunciation, understand how to change your pronunciation and receive individualized training to meet your specific challenges. Call AccentRedux Pro at 678-860-1219. Customized training and coaching are provided in a supportive and educational manner in a variety of ways.

Due to balancing busy lives and schedules, most clients work online with a nationally certified and licensed Speech Pathologist. Meeting ‘face-to-face’ online provides individualized training with convenient and efficient scheduling. No traffic complications and more flexible scheduling are just a few benefits of working together online. Call AccentRedux Pro today or visit our website:!

Accent reduction helps you harness the power of verbal communication.