Speaking Clearly

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Accent Reduction & Work!

        When your English is good, but don’t feel confident contributing ideas! AccentRedux Pro can help you overcome communication challenges at work. When you encounter issues such as: having to repeat yourself…
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Becoming a Powerful Communicator!

Being a Powerful Communicator “How you communicate represents who you are to others and informs what you think about yourself,” says Cynthia Kane, author of How to Communicate Like a Buddhist. Ineffective and inefficient communication is…
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Many companies aren’t aware that accent reduction training exists. Talk to your employer about the benefits of individualized accent reduction classes, offered by AccentRedux Pro. It’s a small investment, with guaranteed improvement, that results in…
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Accent Reduction: Linking communication & success!

Linking clear communication to corporate and professional success! Accent reduction training provides the tools to successfully communicate with others. It can open new doors, remove the barriers to career advancement and benefits both employees AND…
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Do Accents Affect Employability?

DO ACCENTS AFFECT EMPLOYABILITY? In an issue (Volume 43, Issue 2, pages 70–83, June 2006) of the Journal of Employment Counseling, an article was written about the impact that accents or dialects have on an…
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Spelling Does Not Equal Pronunciation!

Spelling Does Not Equal Pronunciation

Learn How to Say English Words Clearly Learning English as a second language is difficult, but even more challenging is mastering the pronunciation of words in the English language. Often, words are not said as…
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