Standard American English/ Accent Training

Accent Reduction Personalized for YOU

You are unique. Where you were raised, where your parents were from, the people you grew up with, the schools you attended—many factors influence who you are and the way you speak English. And just as you are unique, personal, individualized training in accent reduction is the single best way to reduce your accent and be more easily understood.

With nearly 200 countries around the world and thousands of languages and regional dialects, it’s easy to see why a pre-recorded or “one size fits all” approach to accent reduction isn’t the best solution. That’s why AccentRedux Pro provides expert and friendly one-on-one coaching, with lessons specifically designed for your exact needs.

The absolute best way to reduce your accent and be more easily understood is through personal, individualized training in accent reduction.

Happy Accent Reduction Client "SA"

At AccentRedux Pro, you receive one-on-one training and guidance from a certified instructor to help you gain the many benefits of accent reduction. Then, like our other clients, you too will probably say things like:

  • I feel like I can speak much better English!
  • I am far more confident at work!
  • I am much more comfortable expressing myself!
  • I don’t mind public speaking!
  • Interaction with my peers is less frustrating, even enjoyable!
  • I have stopped hearing things like, “Could you repeat that, I didn’t understand you.”

How would you feel if these applied to you? They can!

To accomplish your goal of speaking more natural Standard American English and being more easily understood, you need a friendly expert to evaluate where you are today, and personally coach you to where you want to be. There’s an art and a science to successful accent reduction, and we can effectively help you with both!