Spelling Does Not Equal Pronunciation

Spelling Does Not Equal Pronunciation!

Learn How to Say English Words Clearly

Learning English as a second language is difficult, but even more challenging is mastering the pronunciation of words in the English language. Often, words are not said as they are spelled, nor are they spelled as they sound! It’s confusing, right?!

Accent Reduction classes teach you how to say the words and use the International Phonetic Alphabet to guide pronunciation. While there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, there are over 40 different combinations of sounds—no wonder there is confusion!

As a business professional, you will learn valuable skills in our accent reduction course, including:

  • how to pronounce words correctly
  • which syllables to emphasize
  • using intonation—the rise and fall of your voice while speaking—for clarity
  • how to speak at the right speed or rhythm

Your instructor at AccentReduxPro will be your teacher and your personal coach, helping you achieve your career goals, and master the pronunciation of terms and vocabulary specific to your job. What you learn and put into practice during accent reduction classes will help you be better prepared for interviews, presentations and meetings!