Atlanta Accent Reduction Testimonials

Does Accent Reduction Training Work? Yes!

Here are just a few of the kind words from some of our happy accent reduction clients…

"AccentRedux Pro addressed all my challenges and provided opportunities to practice my work vocabulary to make sure I was comfortable with my new pronunciations. It helped to practice job specific communication issues and words during my sessions & I believe it made a definite difference in my progress!  My supervisor really noticed a change in my speech and was pleased with the investment that the company made in my accent reduction classes."

Native Language: Vietnamese

The one-on-one training was very helpful. I now have the tools to practice and continue to improve.

Native Language: Malayam

I love the interaction, and the teaching was tailored to my personal and professional needs. I learned a lot in my course and would definitely recommend it to others. Jean really took care of me. I have more confidence when I am speaking publicly.

Native Language: Mandarin

My confidence has completely improved with this course! I understand and can hear the difference between my ‘old’ sounds and my ‘new’ sounds. Now I am able to pronounce my new sounds without hesitation!

Native Language: Spanish

The AccentRedux’s training and accent improvement program is a highly effective and hands-on course tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs for improved communication and personal development. The techniques and methods I learned during my eight sessions have become a new foundation to enhance my enunciation and slow down my rate of delivery. Without a doubt, it was a worthy investment and I have learned a new skill! I will refer the program to other colleagues and friends.

Native Language: Yoruba