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Many Reasons to Choose AccentRedux Pro…

Happy Accent Reduction in Atlanta

If your accented English or regional dialect is interfering with others’ ability to understand you, accent reduction, also known as accent modification is the answer! And while searching for an answer you might have seen websites selling a one-size-fits-all prerecorded package. Because they do not offer immediate, personalized feedback, they do not result in the same amount of improvement. You should know you are far more likely to succeed with the help of a highly-experienced teacher in a one-on-one or small group setting. To achieve your goal of speaking more clearly, and with more confidence, there are several reasons you should choose AccentRedux Pro:

    1. Experience and Expertise
      Your instructor, Jean Blond, is a licensed speech pathologist with more than 30 years experience helping people at all levels improve their speech. While being a speech pathologist is not required to teach accent reduction, you will find this difference not only sets Jean apart from competitors, it can make your experience more productive and can greatly improve your success.
    2. Professional Assessment, Not Self-Assessment
      It’s hard, if not impossible, to ‘hear’ any mistakes you might be making as you work to reduce your accent. (This is why the best singers in the world continue to take voice lessons!) With AccentRedux Pro you have your own language ‘coach’ who has successfully taught hundreds of individuals to speak clearly.
    3. It’s All About YOU
      Your accent is uniquely yours, and is influenced by many factors—physical characteristics, your native language, the country and region you’re from, your parents and siblings, your schools, etc. And just as your accent is unique, the steps required for you to achieve your verbal goals are unique, and everyone has their own ‘challenge’ parts of speech. With AccentRedux Pro, your coach will expertly assess your speech, accent and dialect, develop a curriculum tailored to address your needs, and personally work with you for your greatest success.
    4. One-on-one Accent Training
      Though corporate/small group accent training options are available, the best, most effective way for you to successfully reduce your accent, speak more clearly and with more confidence is through one-on-one training. Working with the plan created specifically for your exact needs, your coach will lead you, provide immediate feed back so you know what’s working and what needs more work, and will even provide supplemental work as needed to make sure you’re on track. Your personal AccentRedux Pro language coach is dedicated to helping you fully realize your goals!
    5. Convenient Locations
      Accent Reduction: Atlanta GA or AnywhereAccentRedux Pro offers online accent reduction classes using web-based video conferencing platforms. Due to balancing busy professional, personal and travel schedules, most clients, even those living within the Atlanta area, often choose online classes for the convenience—no driving or traffic and easier scheduling.) Beyond the convenience, your online, face-to-face accent reduction class is just as effective as meeting in person.
    6. The Value of Your Time
      Accent reduction is not a do it yourself project. Other ‘methods’ may appear to save you a few dollars, but when the results aren’t there, you may find you’ve lost both time and money. Instead, opt for a trusted, proven expert who values your time and is personally invested in your success. The custom-designed program from AccentRedux Pro and friendly one-on-one coaching will help you achieve maximum results in the minimum time.